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Who agrees with this?

I personally think that some adults take for granted how tall they are. Have you ever taken a Child’s measurement and compared to your measurement?     You would soon realize how much bigger you are then a child. We need to remember that when we are standing up over a child, we look vary intimidating. The child is looking up at someone twice as tall as them. We need to get Eye to Eye with children and be on their level so they will not be scared of us. When we are loud around a child, our voice sounds scary because we Are bigger and stronger then they are. And to them it feels like adults have total dominance and absolute control. We need to put ourselves in a child’s shoes and think before we act. How do you like it if you were always getting overlooked  and always being looked  down on, and always having to look up at people and yell up at someone  twice as big as you and triple your strength?

I read this on the Internet, who agrees with this? Why or why not?

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  • 8 months ago

    I think that, if an adult behaves in a threatening manner toward kids, they are going to fear that adult.

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  • 8 months ago

    Depends on the situation.  I think getting down to eye level to talk every single time is ridiculous.  Adult understand they're bigger.  Children understand they're smaller.  Besides, getting on their level can be just as intimidating.   Imagine someone twice your size crouching down and looking you in the eye.  That's intimidating.

    As for as how I would like it if I was always overlooked or looked down on, dude.  I'm 4'11".  My boys all tower over me.  The vast majority of the people I encounter have to look down to see me.  Sure, I get overlooked because people don't think to look down. Oh well. It's a fact of life.  Getting upset over it is silly and useless. 

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