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How can one help theirself stop being vain?

If they think they are pretty and that it causes problems in their life and others are very effected by their beauty.

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    isnt it hilarious that people choose to dedicate their focus and time of someone they despise,and become worried and pressed and concerned and even upset about something they do, say,think since u silly assuming fools think u can read minds but still come up with false things.

    How are you gonna tell someone else what they thought when you can't even tell yourself what you think and darn near don't think at all. 

    that's what you thought they thought when they didn't  even think that. 

    maybe that's not how you feel about yourself . and are projecting onto someone else.  your bad mood about  yourself is wat your projecting thinking that they shall feel the same and bad when they aren't feeling how YOU want them to feel, act, and be. So maybe this is and has more to do with YOU than them.

     too bad for your silliness she don't think that  your assumption and presumption cus she not mopey and depressed .  like y'all want or assume her to be. wat u shall worry about is yourself and boosting your own esteem and figuring out why you're so bored that even allows for you to be so worried of someone else in a first place. 

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