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How will I feel during and after surgery? ?

I’m getting 2 wisdom teeth pulled and I’m in my mid 20s. They are giving me laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and local anesthetic. I’m not getting iv sedation. They said that laughing gas will relax me. The teeth are complete bony impacted 

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    I've never had nitrous, but I had another twilight med which has similar knockout effects, called Halcion when I had a root canal one time, and I don't remember it at all.

    They told me I wasn't going to be IV sedated, and the drug is considered a "twilight drug" meaning, I'd be in and out of consciousness, but possibly may fall asleep. I don't know about that definition, as I definitely fell asleep because I didn't remember the procedure at all.

    And I then had to stay there for a while after, and then still hadn't worn off, when I was being driven home, because I thought when we were driving downtown, that there was a buffalo on the sidewalk, but then after I screamed out, "OMG, there's a buffalo walking down the sidewalk!" I was embarrassed of what I said, because I realized it was not a buffalo, but just a bum pushing a shopping cart with a bunch of brown trash bags filled with cans...

    I think nitrous wears off pretty fast, but will likely feel tired. Same as with Halcion. The stuff they gave me.

    When I had my wisdom teeth out, I got IV sedation. I feel like it was just the same as when I had the Halcion for my root canal. Don't remember either procedure. My brother said I also said some pretty strange stuff after the surgery.

    My wisdom teeth weren't sideways but were entirely under the gums still, when they removed them. I was swollen for a day or two, but it wasn't too bad.

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    Make sure u have a ride home bc u may not remember parts of your day. They may make u take pain meds that could make u nauseous and you may be achy. Bloody gauze in your mouth to stop bleeding will need to be changed out too. The only thing i could eat after mine was mashed potatoes. Good luck

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    probably tired after your surgery

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