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Can an older woman get pregnant or can I get an STI/STD if I am a virgin and she can't get pregant anymore being older?

Im having sex with a much older woman who's had more experience, we chatted and she explained she can't get pregnant, I assume that's got something to do with her being 48 and it being near impossible for her to get pregnant. I am also a virgin. I am only saying this because I need to give as much info as possible on the context for the outcomes. Could I get an STD or could I get her pregnant considering these two facts?

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    Ask her WHY she can't get pregnant.  If she has had her tubes tied or had a hysterectomy or has had at least 12 months without a period - then she can't get pregnant.  

    ANYTHING ELSE AND THERE IS STILL A SMALL RISK FOR PREGNANCY EVEN AT THAT AGE.  As for an STD - you can catch whatever she has.  If she is STD free - then you can't catch anything.  If she is not STD free or not willing to prove that she is STD free - then you could catch whatever she might have.  

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    Yes you can get an STD (only if she has one!).

    And if she can't become pregnant, she probably had her tubes tied at one point in her life. Or she's past menopause.

  • MissA
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    9 months ago

    If she has any STDs then yes, she can transmit them to you.

    At 48 it is very unlikely but not necessarily impossible for her to become pregnant.

  • mokrie
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    Women that have not gone through the changes yet CAN get pregnant at older age. And YES if she has a disease then she could have given it to you..

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    She could be looking to get pregnant if she still has her periods. If she still has periods she can still ovulate. A woman I once knew got pregnant with her last child at the age of 50.

    If you do get this woman pregnant, she can drag you into court for child support. 

    Please think what you're doing and don't be taken in by this woman.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Did you sleep through sex ed?

  • Jill
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    9 months ago

    STDs have nothing to do with your virginity or her age. If you have unprotected (no condom) sex with ANYONE who is infected with an STD you can catch it from them. 

    If she's 48 it's not impossible for her to get pregnant unless she's actually gone through menopause (has she?) or has some other medical reason for being infertile (does she?). Just save yourself the worry and use a condom. 

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