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Can someone give a summary of the Cuban missile crisis ?

For school purposes 

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    Kennedy inherited the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba incident from the Eisenhower administration.  Eisenhower received the Bay of Pigs from a CIA plan that was never on solid ground and disguised as a Cuban civil attempt to remove Castro and reinstate a democratic form of government into Cuba.  The Bay of Pigs invasion went 'South' .. horribly 'South'!

    Castro was worried!  The USSR wanted to retain it's satellite Western ally and placed nuclear armed missiles on Cuba some 22 miles from mainland U.S.A.  Just as the U.S. had placed Nuclear armed missiles in Hungry on the U.S.S.R. border.

    The U.S. discovering U.S.S.R. nuclear armed missiles in Cuba did a high seas blockade of Soviet shipping around Cuba.  World tensions grew high as two of the most powerful nations on Earth played nuclear chess and high stakes bluffs for some (?) 13 days.

    Tensions were relieved by the Soviet removal of Cuban missiles in an agreement of the U.S. removal of European missiles in Turkey and other locations.  

    Source(s): And as Blue suggests, "you could do much better with your own search of history" than I can do 'off the cuff'!
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    Or even better you could do your own homework and look it up yourself.

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    The Russians tried sneaking nuclear missiles into Cuba, the US caught them and then there was a tense stand-off before the Russians backed down and withdrew the missiles.

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    I think someone answered this. I just wanted to say that my dad was on the beach in Florida in charge of a large landing craft. Dad was in the "sail army." I have slides he took and I want to put them on a disk. All those old canvas pup tents on the beach!

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    have you tried google

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      Well I searched yahoo answers on google so yes

  • USA attempts to remove the Communist government in Cuba.  Invasion fails and Cuba petitions the USSR for assistance.

    Soviet Union sends nuclear missiles to Cuba, which is only 90 miles away from the USA

    The USA found out and threatened action if the missiles weren't removed.

    USA blockades Cuba.  Tensions mount between USA and USSR.

    Missiles eventually removed.

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    Yes, of course.

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    Yes.  But why would one do that?

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      Well really there’s no reason anyone but me should have to do this but if anyone feels like they want to than they are free to do so here

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