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I'm a boy playing a girl in a school play. Can you help me with this role?

I go to an all-boys school and really want to be an actor. I am 12.

Unfortunately, here & @ some other boys schools, the girls roles are played by boys. I was hoping to get the role of the hunter or a lumberjack or even one of the male extras that were added for the play.

The director knows my love for acting and since I'm smallest boy to audition chose me to play Little Red Riding Hood.

I wanted nothing to do with all that black lace and how embarrassing to go with the lady in charge of costumes and makeup to the store to get those black tights and shoes. A girl I know saw me trying on the shoes and now she can't wait to see the play.

When the lady got me dressed up (her daughter wore the dress for Halloween) with the wig and makeup, I looked almost as pretty as the girl in the picture. I couldn't believe it and a few people that saw me (the director, costume lady and her daughter and the kid playing the wolf) said I looked like a girl.

One of the things I'm being told is to act like a girl, not like a boy in a dress.

For the role, how can I act like a girl?

I would ask the daughter, who I really like, but it already feels strange wearing her dress.

Since I look so good as a girl, I wonder if my future at this school will be playing girl's roles on the stage.

If a guy plays a female role well, would you respect him more as an actor? Are there any actors that like females that make a living playing one?

The play is Th, Fri and Sat of next week.

Thx for your help.


Thanks everyone, especially marys.momma and Nicole, for your support. It was hard to pick a best answer, but the "90%" stayed in my mind and was very helpful. The play was a success and I got so many compliments. The director said that I got better each time I played Little Red Riding Hood. Many ladies told me that I should play more female roles because I looked and acted like I was a girl. 

Next year's plays should be fun. If I have to play a girl again, I'll do it. I'm a good actor.

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    The costume and makeup will take care of 90% of what's necessary.

    For the rest, act a little shy, and show your fear of the Big Bad Wolf.  You won't have to exaggerate anything.

    Break a leg!

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    Congrats on getting the role. It sounds like you make a very pretty girl.I played a boy a few times. They were minor roles and the reason was that few boys tried out for the plays at my school years ago. 


    Have fun with this role. There are many straight actors who crossdress for a role. Acting is acting. Look back at history.Watch how girls act in public - how they walk, talk, etc. Even better, since you like the daughter of the costume/makeup lady (and the girl has already seen you up dressed up and thinks you look like a girl) ask her if she would help you with this role. Since she wants you to do well, you can just say that you want to learn "how to act as a girl for the role."As a woman, I respect any male actor more if he plays a female role well. A well-rounded actor can tackle any role.Good luck next week. I know that you will be successful.

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    You would do great!

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