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I have to interview someone who was a teenage in the 1960's with the following questions?

What does your Interviewee remember about the musical entertainment of the time....favorite songs, performers, movies, musicals?? 

 What places of entertainment did they go to?

 How was music important during this 1960's period?

 Who were their favorite performers / entertainers? Does your interviewee feel the U.S.A. has regained /recovered its innocence in the eyes of the world since the 1960's....or not??? Is our image better or worse today? Did we lose our innocence temporarily or permanently, and why?

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  • Fred
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    What you want to hear is that we in the 60's had a device that was invented in the late 40's :  The semiconductor or what is more popularly know as the 'transistor'!

    What the development of the 'transistor' provided was a small battery operated radio that could be removed from the Mammoth sized entertainment centers in our parent's 'living room' and listened to away from parental supervision and control.  My younger brother earned one by delivering newspapers and it had FIVE transistors! (and sounded like crap!) but we could listen to it without control of our parents, we could listen to what we wanted and what other teenagers where listening to.  All the sudden we were buying music with money we earned in a way our parents had no control over and we created an industry to supply our needs. ….And our parents didn't like it a bit!!!   

    We never lost nor gained our innocence!  What happened is that with our now popular television in every family now provided by industry no longer delayed nor supporting WW2 we had instant world news at the supper table... and an undercover North Cong in the street assassination with a bullet in the side of the head passed on with the salad didn't go over well for a Nation!  What we lost or gained was point blank information!   

    What silly music we listened to was irrelevant... it was the 'movement' that was out of our parent's control!   And even John Wayne  couldn't win the war nor stop the momentum of change! 

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  • Marli
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    8 months ago

    That requires an extensive answer.  I'm not an American and I am not Fred, so my memories and answer will be different from his and irrelevant to you.

    Assuming you are 15, your grandparents and their siblings and friends may have been teens in the 1960s.  Can you ask them?

    I was 13 in 1969.  Rock and pop music was important to my age group; but I think we had crushes on the cute boy musicians rather than really listened to the lyrics.

    Movies, concerts and big city entertainment was in the big city.  We lived in the country and could not drive. One or two knew how; but the law and their parents made sure they did not do it twice.  Older siblings didn't want us when they drove the family car.  We hung out in the schoolyard playing soccer or shooting hoops, at the library or in each other's homes, watching tv, listening to records (the audio cassette recorder and transistor radio were the cool kids toys)

    Speaking as a Canadian, I was shocked by the FLQ terrorists in 1970.  I thought all the extreme protests were on your side of the border. I thought that the draft was wrong because no one should be forced to kill. Other political matters did not touch me. Watergate and the cover up and the lies was shocking. I thought world leaders were basically honest and moral, esp. American presidents. I was 16 in 1972, when all sorts of recent scandal were coming out, and it seemed that innocence was lost by every country long ago and the cover ups were threadbare. If anyone seems innocent now, it's because we've shut our eyes and ears and won't think, or we willingly believe what we want to believe.

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    • Fred
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      William Calley Jr. personally responsible 1968 by his own hands, tried and convicted of 22 murdered unarmed civilians spent 2 1/2 years in trial confinement and only lived one day in Leavenworth, Kansas!  Walked out a free man with over 200 dead civilians to his personal  credit! 

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  • 8 months ago

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