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When I asked my friend why her teenage son was so well-behaved, she said "because I slap his face when he's not". Is that acceptable?

We have kids in high school. They're both 17, and good friends since ages. I've become friends with my son's friend's mother that way. And while my son has been a bit of a problem child the last couple of years, her son is very well behaved, never gets in trouble at school.

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to ask her how she'd raised such a well-mannered boy. And she said sthg like "2 things. When he was 15, he began to lie to me. And every time he lied, I would slap him sharply across his face. Every time. And if he swore, I would do the same thing every time. I taught him to make the connection that whenever his mouth lied or swore, his face would pay an immediate price." 

She said that literally after 6 or 7 slaps, he had stopped all lying and swearing and the problem was solved. But I'm shocked. Should a mother ever really slap a grown son, especially across his face? I think it's degrading to hit anyone in the face because your face is your identity, and I can't imagine a mother humiliating her son like that.

Am I overreacting?

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    He acts out or mouths off so he gets a smacking. That's what  GOOD parent does. You have no right to call her bad for being a good parent 

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      A smack is very different from hitting someone across their faces, don't you think?

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    I think it being degrading and humiliating is the point. He was punished for doing bad things and then he stopped doing them because of the punishment. He learnt his lesson. Just because they're grown up physically doesn't mean they should be lying and swearing to their mother. A 15 year old is not in anyway mature enough to get away with misbehaving socially. They're still learning.

    That's not to say she couldn't have handled it differently, she got results quickly. That or he learnt how to lie better.

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    No it's wrong. That's not teaching, that's being a lazy parent. You should give Best Answer to the first person who calls you a troll without hiding their own name.

  • Anonymous
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    anything goes in Trollville

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  • Anonymous
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    That's how troll parents parent.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, this is standard for trolls as they grow up.

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