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Indoor Track Tryouts?

This was my first day of indoor track tryouts, and just based on these times, do you think i’ll make it. There were A LOT of people trying out. I’m a freshman girl (14yo).

55m- 8.84s


I will be doing the 300m on wednesday (today is monday) and my last time was 59s

Are these bad? I would appreciate any advice for my 300m or if you think i’ll make it.

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  • Adam D
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    8 months ago

    Your times aren't really relevant.  If you had fast times, but so did most of your teammates, it'd be harder to make the team, right?  But if you had average times, but your teammates were terrible, you'd easily make the team.

    How were your performances compared to those around you?  That's what's going to determine if you can make the team.  Varsity is going to be the top however many runners, regardless of the time they run.

    Go search around the internet, find some meet results from early last season, preferably meets in your area.  What were freshmen girls running?  That should give you some basis for comparison.

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