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How should I start my new life as a diabetic?

Hello about a month ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and I’ve been put on insulin. I want to get back into working again but I’m nervous because of the fact that I have to take my insulin three times a day before I eat. I imagine it would be quite awkward trying to do that at whatever job I’ll be working as well as pricking my finger. I wonder how will things play out with discussing this with my employer and what changes would be made to assist me in working. How should I go about pursuing this?

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    If it’s Type II diabetes you can reverse it with diet change, by avoiding carbs and sugar and exercising. Don’t take insulin, they put you on insulin and your diabetes will be irreversible as your body get used to it and they put you on more and higher doses until you are beyond help.

    Real doctor would send you to Adopt a healthy diet change and complete  life style 

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    You should use a glucose meter to test your blood sugar level frequently.

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    You test before you eat, give yourself insulin based on the reading and how many carbs you are going to eat (as you were instructed to do). If you are using an insulin pen, no big deal. You can preload a couple of syringes for the day and put them in a kit with your meter and other supplies, like a small fanny pack or solid eye glass case.


    As for telling your employer, that's up to you. All the insulin using diabetic I know, test and dose in under 60 seconds, and they are back to whatever it was they were doing. Some tell their employers, others don't. 

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    It's not a great big deal to carry your electric meter with you and to check yourself during the break there is private areas the bathroom stall or the bathroom where you can do this and inject insulin if necessary. They even make automatic insulin pumps that monitor your blood condition so that you never have to routinely test yourself or inject

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    The doctor would have gotten you appropriate medical counseling to help you manage your needs.

    And there are laws against discriminating on the basis of health or disability. (And no idea how checking your blood sugar and taking insulin before lunch would have any impact on your work anyway.

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