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My mom’s two sisters are in a serious family fight, how do I avoid getting sucked into the drama when everybody tries to suck me in?

My mom has softened but she used to try to use me by telling me not to see the bad sister. My mom has softened on that and it’s been at least 10 years so she’s done that to me. My father however continues to use me as recently as last Christmas. There was a convoluted lie my parents came up with to avoid having to see her but they did not inform me of the lie so and asked when we were going to see my dad’s family I said we already dead, not knowing that the lie was that we are seeing them Christmas day. My dad got mad at me.

On top of that my aunt that I was always close to, the good aunt, speaks of nothing but her animosity towards her mother and sister. She resents her mother for taking sides with the sister.

The other aunt who is deemed a bad aunt, she has not brought me into it in years and so I don’t really mind her. So making jabs about stuff but that’s all. When I was in college years ago she did suck me into it in a way that was awful but that was

over 15 years ago. Only thing she does use me for us to get gossip out of me with anxiety I’m afraid to lie so I do give too much info sometimes. However she is the aunt that resents her own son so she is very unhealthy and narcissistic. She praises for two daughters will dump it on her son However she is the aunt that resents her own son so she is very unhealthy and narcissistic. She praises her two daughters were dumping on her son.

So my question is below


So how do I respond when my dad the good aunt or my mom Try to get me to make a statement to the bat app through silence towards her or get me involved? Since I have OCD, possessive compulsive, they use that to claim that when I see the bad and it’s purely an obsession. Yet only once have I ever been obsessed on the bed out and that was six years ago in 2013. 

My dad and the good aunt are the two that I’m obsessed on

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    If you don't want to be in the midst of all this craziness, you simply inform all the parties involved that you no longer wish to hear one word about it, that you will not be involved, or take sides, and request , no, insist, that they leave you out of it. When they try to draw you in , to take sides, etc., you stop the conversation, walk away, leave .  Assuming you are of adult age, are you? , you can make your own choices about whom to visit, whom to speak to, etc., and ignore the reactions around you. Learn the broken record technique: someone says something that requires a reply and you don't wish to become embroiled; you say, "I won't discuss this with you, please leave me out of it." And they'll continue,even try harder, whereupon you repeat the same thing, as many times as necessary, or until you choose to leave. Eventually, they'll tire, and give up. Good luck, good wishes !

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You are definitely getting sucked too much. Try to see a Doctor.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    If they try to suck you into a fight tell them what you two sisters need to do best put on a set of boxing gloves and go out in a ring and box each other with the boxing gloves will all stand around and watch you fight

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    just dont be around her

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