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I really need help!!! Any suggestions??! ?

This has been going on for a few months now and at first I thought it was because I didn't moisturize my body good enough but that wasn't the case.. I would clean my bed sheets and dry them a lot all the time I even bought a new bed set and I still feel itchy... My boyfriend stayed the night over and he kept waking up out of his sleep scratching his head, legs, and arms... I had pest control come in but there was no sign of bed bugs ... I also looked myself through my mattress and haven't spotted anything its pure white and clean like a fresh bed ... could it be dust mites? I need help


My skin has been itching really bad every single night when trying to go to bed I seriously don't know what it may be

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    Use ZUM laundry soap. It is all natural and smells amazingly good, as it is scented with essential oils. My favorite scents that it comes in are frankincense and myrrh, or lavender. Look it up

  • Donna
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    9 months ago

    You might just be allergic to something. But you might adjust to it.

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    you washed the sheets first right?...the chemicals on there could make you itch...also dryer sheets..

  • Speed
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    There are lots and lots of products that contribute to itchy skin. First things first, change laundry detergent to something intended for baby clothes, like Dreft. Or, second choice, a "free" product with no scent or other additives. Use an unscented dryer sheet or none at all. This goes for everything: sheets, towels, clothing.

    Second, wash yourself with warm water, not hot. (I know, when it's cold hot feels so good!) Use a mild soap or body wash with no scent, ideally one that says it moisturizes. Don't scrub hard.

    Third, dry off poorly, so you're not fully dry, and moisturize while you're damp; your skin will absorb that water along with the product. Use a moisturizer that's unscented, and if you can find one, seek a lotion that's specifically anti-itch. Curel makes on, IIRC.

    Fourth, humidify the room where you spend the most time, probably the bedroom. A room humidifier can do the job easily. Wash its tank well a couple times a week.

    It's worth noting that there are physical conditions that cause itching. Allergies are common, liver failure and others less so.

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  • Da
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    9 months ago

    Maybe the detergent changed its formula or you changed your diet.

    Start with what has changed recently and go from there

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    Allergies? Use a non-allergy laundry soap. Put a half cup of chlorine in your bath, to kill bacteria on your skin.

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    Butthurt asker has been reported

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    Change your laundry detergent.  Try using a fabric softener as well.

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