Can't open iPod classic playlists on MacBook Air after upgrading to Catalina OS?

I've updated my MacBook Air to the Catalina OS but now when I plug in my iPod classic my iPod playlists don't open in the new Apple Music. How do I access my iPod playlists so I can add songs from the library on my Mac.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Click on Finder on the bottom taskbar. Look for your iPod, iPhone and any other iOS device.

    Click on your iPod and then manage everything to do with it from there.

    Same deal now for iPhone backups and data syncing.

    Basically Apple have now made the process consistent for all devices, regardless of whether they’re Apple items, external drives or flash memory cards such as USB sticks and SD cards: they’re all now accessed via Finder.

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