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Astigmatism Axis smaller than available for contact lenses?

My 1 eye has an astigmatism of -0.50 but when buying contacts, the smallest available is -0.75. (I have been wearing contact lenses for 10 years and for the first time, I have developed an astigmatism). Would I be better off buying a box of lenses for an astigmatism of 0.75, or plain contact lenses as I had been wearing before I got my new perscription?


I live in Canada and usually just order my contact lenses online

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    If you are in the US, you can legally buy contacts if you have a contact lens prescription. That includes power, brand, base curve and diameter. If you have that from your optometrist, you don't need help here.

    If you are not in the US. If for example, you are in India where you are left to your own devices to buy contact lenses, ignore the cylinder power and just order spherical lenses. That is what I would almost always do for my patient. It is what I would do every single time if I did not have the chance to evaluate the lens on the eye. 

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