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Snake humidity help! ?

I have a baby ball python, and recently her humidity levels have been extremely low. When the heat lamp is on, it kills the humidity. I’ve tried placing a wet towel over the top, foil, misting the cage daily, but nothing is working. Also,  I’m worried if I keep misting it, she’ll get scale rot. I don’t know if my hydrometer is just broken or what. She didn’t have a bad shed (was mostly one big piece, but a little separate piece came off too. None was stuck on her skin) but the humidity keeps dropping down to 30% (what the hydrometer says). I tried getting a lower bulb wattage, however that didn’t do much. Any advice please, I really want the best for my snake and I don’t know what to do. Thank you! 

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    ball pythons do not bask in heat like other reptiles and should be getting their heat from heat mats under the tank! I personally have a large heat mat for my ball python and a regular 50 watt bulb that just provides a little bit of light and a slight amount of heat. 

    as for the humidity problem, I struggled with the same thing and found that putting tinfoil on the screen part of his tank and using a substrate that holds humidity very well (I like a mix of eco earth and forest floor mulch) did the trick. This keeps his humidity at a consistent 60-70% and I will give his tank a good spray if his humidity drops below 50%. Havent had any shed problems doing this, however every snake is different and what works for me may not work for you but it could be worth a shot!

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    u can place the water bowl under or near the heat lamp or like odd said get a water bowl that the snake can fit in

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    A water bowl large enough for the snake to soak in will let the snake self-remedy any humidity problems.

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    The humidity doesn’t have to be high all the time it can be dry for a couple days, if it’s sheds are good don’t worry. Make sure it always has water to drink

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    My advice is to have two hydrometers in the tank. If they disagree, then you know one of them is broken.

    You can research how to build a humidity box- A small hide that you line with damp moss or paper towel so that it stays humid. Your snake can then go in and out of it as she needs to and control how much humidity she's getting.

    This page has a good overview:

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    Snakes do not need high humidity. In fact, I once lost a snake because I kept the humidity too high, and it developed skin ailments. Because of the skin problem, it got weakened and the internal parasites it had killed the snake (it was caught in the wild as a baby). Snakes just need to drink when they are dehydrated. Amphibians would need high humidity but not reptiles.

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    you aint supposed to use a heat lamp with ball python. you supposed to use a heat pad cmon now!

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