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How do I improve my singing before a talent show? Are there any options that work?

My friend and I were going to sing my heart will go on for a talent show and we both want to improve our singing before the talent show.

Would the juice of the fire berries that grow in the valleys on the surface of the sun potentially make us able to sing better for the hour of the talent show?

Would adding comet dust to a glass of milk potentially have power to improve our singing for a while so we could win the talent show?

Is there any way that a magic rhyme and a wand made of the sawed off horn of a unicorn would work? What can be done to improve singing

Are there any wizards or professors that might help someone sing better?


Is waiting for the blue fairy to come an option, will she grant a wish for learning to sing well?

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    You sound more like a comedian than a singer or you lack common sense. That is an asinine question.

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    Arlo Guthrie doesn't have a good singing voice, but the audience loves his delivery and his storytelling. Its a talent show, not a singing competition. Entertain the audience. Consider, what you like about the song? If you can get that across to the audience, it don't matter if you are on key.

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