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Is it possible for a adult female on heat not to want to mate with a male?

I'm a new registered breeder still learning. I have a mature female and male. But she cries all the time and calls for a mate. But won't let the male here anywhere near her. Is this normal?

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    Mature female what? 

    Talk to the breeder association or read about this. If you want good answers you need to provide more information. It might also be assumed once you start selling (whatever it is), you may have some issues if you don't know the in's and out's of paperwork, how to accept deposits, etc.

    Don't go into this, blindly. Know what you are doing so you and your customers don't get into issues and problems. I would even spend money to consult with someone so you get this right.

    Besides that, whatever animal this is, please be SURE to send the youngsters to responsible people. TALK TO ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUES (I wouldn't say I am a breeder if I were you, though) to find out what can happen to cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Ask what they have seen and how they avoid it. ALWAYS state you will take the animal back, no matter the time involved if they cannot keep it.

    I have seen a purebred Weimaraner  with cigarette burns on its body. Animals left outside because people don't know how to house train. Dog kicked across the room with head trauma due to owner anger/neglect. Animals dumped on expressways or roads because owners don't know what to do with them. Animals yelled at or verbally/physically abused. Animals left behind in houses or mobile homes when owners moved out. Animals never given proper vet treatment when they were sick. Animals used as bait for fighters.The list goes on and on, and this is not unusual.

    In the least, get documents from a veterinarian from other pets to affirm they use a vet - ever. 

    Please know what you are doing and where the youngsters are going. 

    Yes, the female can refuse a male. She may not like him and just like people, animals can have preferences. She may not really be ready for breeding. She may feel insecure or that the conditions where she is living will not be safe or comfortable for her young. Talk with other breeders and be sure you know what you are doing, or consult with the vet on this.

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    8 months ago

    She does not like that male!! there are thousands of cats and kittens destroyed every year, do not add to the problem.

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  • Ken S
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    8 months ago

    What is not normal is that 8 million cats and dogs kittens and puppies are gassed to death every year cause people don't FIX THEIR CATS

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