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Is this a good stage name for an actor to have?

My name is Andrea (redacted), but I want my stage name to be Andrea Kamakea. Kamakea was my Hawaiian grandfather's original surname, and it's pronounced "comma-kay-uh". This was supposed to be my surname too, but it was changed due to my grandfather taking his mother's maiden name.

Thoughts on the stage name Andrea Kamakea?


I was asking if this was a good stage name to have because of the pronunciation. 

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    Most actors use their real names.

    But if yours is already registered by another actor, you may have to choose another one day.  But you should only do so in consultation with your agent when you're fully trained, very experienced and ready to start applying for auditions.

    Until then, there's no point at all.

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    Yes this is a perfect stage name

  • Tina
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    Do you need a stage name? why not keep the one you have?

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