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Recently, I’ve taken a great interest in the business of hotshot driving. Unfortunately, the only down side of the ideal is that I’m working with little bit of start up money. I have about 3,000 saved. I have decent credit (running around 680) and I’m also 22 years old. I currently make 17/hr full time, still living with my parents. My job is also paying for my training to get my CDL licenses. A lot of that info was useless for the actual question I have, however, I know some folk on here provide additional information when answering.

But my question is.. since I obviously don’t have the credit or funds to afford a brand new diesel 3500, would it be a safe investment to look into a 12-15k truck with over 100,000 miles until I make enough to buy a new truck?? I don’t plan on running it too far. Just regional.

I’ll appreciate any advice/answers ☺️☺️

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