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What jobs can I get in the UK with a Neuroscience and Behavior bachelors in science from the US. ?

I am a French citizen studying in the US for my bachelors (I left some details out in my previous question). I met my fiancee a while back and we are planning to get married in May (after my graduation). I'm only in my early 20s and want to move there to establish good credit and financial security (so we can hopefully purchase a home in the future) . He currently has 1.5 more years in Uni (part-time) for his bachelors in business and cant move.  I want to get a decent job (over 12 pounds per hour) to start off, but I am stuck. I plan to apply to work for WHO, the UN, the NHS, and a couple of retail stores. However, I feel like my work experience is nonexistent.  I'm at Uni finishing my studied and mostly doing volunteer work. Here is a brief description of my work experience: 


College physics tutor at Uni (1 year)

Math Tutor (3 years)


Volunteer at local soup kitchen (1.5 years)

Pre-health ambassador (2 years)

I need some advice. I feel like I would need to apply for further education for a decent job. 


Here are some more research experience: 

- Part-time research assistance (1.5 years). 

Update 2:

Not looking for a fancy job, just something to get my foot in the door while I finalize which graduate program that I will apply for during my gap year(s). 

Sorry for the limited information, I wasnt looking to lay out my whole CV. I was looking for a few ideas on what I can apply for. 

Lots of posts say that I should stay and work in my country. Can I build my credit history from France? We are also early investors (we do day trading, forex etc which some require to live in one country). 

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    Your problem is that you may fall between the cracks:  it is possible that free movement will have ended meaning you would need a work permit.  With just a BSc, you will definitely not qualify under the skilled worker scheme.  On the other hand you may be too late to be permitted to use the free movement rules.   We do not yet know exactly what will be allowed although anyone already in the UK when the change will almost certainly be permitted to remain.

    You might want to consider researching the UK/French Master's options now.  That undergraduate degree sounds unpromising but if you have a high GPA from a ranked university, there will be a pathway.  My younger daughter opted for an undergraduate thesis which was an enormous help. 

    • That is understandable.  Master's degrees need to be very well targeted.  You could consider doing your work experience in Ireland, free movement with the UK and still EU.

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    After Brexit free movement for  jobs will stop. 

    You have no skills that the U.K. are short of.

    Qualify as a Doctor,  Dentist, Scientist and you might stand a chance.

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      I understand. I will be living in the UK before December 2020. Can I apply for the pre-settlement scheme, then get a job? I still find it hard to believe that I wont be able to find a job after marriage. 

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    You are a new unproved hopeful graduate to be, an EU citizen who has no career/work experience in your field of study, you will not get a job in the UK and as the UK is leaving the EU so you don't have an option to move to the UK to start applying you your own country or another EU country.

    Retail jobs are minimum wage...lots of people for minimum wage jobs, 'college' tutors in the UK are qualified teachers, so you have no qualification for teaching at all and ten years ago when I was employing p/t sessional tutors I was paying them £35 an hour, the NHS require qualified professionals which you are not qualified to apply for ( nor the visa you would require), not cleaners or porters ( who get minimum wage)

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      Yes. I will be married after graduation. We are planning a Fall formal ceremony but a court marriage in the summer. Will I still need a fiancee visa or can I apply for the pre-settlement status? Since I plan to move before December 2020.

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    No clue what you mean by "pre-health ambassador." You have some typical student "stuff," no career oriented jobs. What was your aim when you chose this major? And what did you expect (or hope!) to qualify for with only a bachelor's degree in this field? There's no obvious career path, or even a job, with such a major, so what's crucial is what career goals you set for yourself, and what you need to pursue that.

    This is nothing like, say, accounting, which is pretty obvious (& limiting). Yes, you probably should expect to need advanced degrees, but it depends also on what you want to do with your life. You state some places you'd like to apply to, but no clue as to apply for what sort of job there you might qualify for. Did you actually study, say, WHO's website to see what sorts of jobs they have where doing what & what qualifications they require? When people think of WHO employees, they think of healthcare professionals assigned to impoverished countries with serious healthcare crises, e.g. ebola epidemics in West Africa.

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      Ive done lots of volunteer work as well and lots of UN jobs dont require experience or even a college degree (according to the website). 

      I want to gain experience before applying to postgraduate programs. I dont want to commit unless I know 100% for sure, which is why I still need to work

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    With BREXIT you will struggle to get £1.20 an hour.

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