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Why does my right eye feel weird?

Recently for the past couple weeks or so, only my right eye has felt off.  The only way I feel like I can accurately describe it is like a worm is crawling around inside my eye.  Not like I would know what that would feel like, but it feels like something is moving; squirming around inside my right eye.  It doesn't twitch or actually move in any way as far as I can tell, but the feelings are frequent and a bit concerning, although not painful in any way.  My vision has always been fine up to this point and it doesn't seem to be getting worse.  Any ideas what this is?

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    yes.. you should seek medical help in ASAP at a local clinic GP or Family Doctor who may refer you to an eye doctor if needed..

    the most concerning problem is Glaucoma which is the top 2 most common causes of blindness.. Glaucoma is when the internal pressure (the IOP) inside the eye-ball increases due to excess production of the vitrous fluid inside the brain, or due to  blockage of drainage of the eye-ball.. it starts with an uncomfortable feeling (like something inside and the feeling of fullness) before progressing into actual pain and vision anomalies.. Glaucoma can be present on its own but it is more often associated with age, medical illness (such as hypertension) and trauma.. other similar eye-emergencies include Retinal Detachment and Optic Nerve Neuroma - which are also concerning things but thankfully they are on the rare side..

    other possibilities include bumps on the sclera and actual worms inside the eye..

    the Sclera is the white area on the eye, the Sclera can get bumps (like the skin) due to trauma, local infection or dilated blood vessel.. so instead of the smooth white surface of the eye, you'd get bumps that are felt during normal eye movements.. other structures that can get bumped are the orbital muscles - that control the eye movements - producing similar feeling..

    eye parasites are rare.. some worm species from cats are known to infect humans and travel to the eyes; they can sometimes be visible to the person as the worm swims into the field of vision..  Hook-worms (the Migrans variety), Onchocerciasis (if you live or lived in Africa), and even worms from poorly cooked ham..

    yes they sound concerning, but less an emergency compared to Glaucoma which is fairly common..all the best..

  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    maybe you should go to the er and get it checked out

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  • Linda
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    8 months ago

    Could be spasms or tics. You need to see an eye doctor to have then check this out.

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