German Beer Import ?

I an looking to get a german beer called hansa pils and am having no luck at all, it's for my father's 60th birthday who hasn't had the beer since he was stationed in Germany and it would mean alot to the both of us if we could find some way to get it location is ohio tha I you very much attached are some photos of the beer 

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  • 1 month ago

    Despite all of this, beer imported from Germany to the U.S., one of the biggest beer markets today, is relatively small. A quick survey of the shelves of most beer sellers will reveal lots of imports — Mexican, Canadian, Dutch, Belgian, British — but only a few German beers.

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    I am not sure if you can get alchool on the internet to be delivered where you live but there are some good websites. Or if possible some liquor stores will sometimes order a certain beer for you if they do not sell it. Some stores may charge a fee or ordering the beer cost them money to get the beer which is why they may charge a fee.

  • 1 month ago

    Your best bet would be to contact a distributor in your area such as Just call them up and ask if they are willing to import a case for you. When I Googled Hansa pils all the websites were ein dustch so I imagine it is not being widely distributed yet in America.

    If a distributor can locate it what will happen is some warehouse in London, lets say, where he gets his international imports from has a pallet of it. They just add a case to his pallet.

    What could go wrong is nobody is willing to bother going through all that trouble or you'll have to order a whole pallet from the manufacturer. If you happen to have $3000 to spend on beer and can get 62 cases home then that's one problem down.

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    1 month ago

    If google is giving you no joy you can contact the parent company and ask if they will share a list of their US importers:

    DAB make only fleeting reference to hansa pils in their "history" section, but they are the makers of this Hansa as opposed to the Norwegian or South African pilsners with the same name.  Maybe one of their importers who ordinarily don't buy in this particular pilsner will order a crate in for you.

    I did find a website for the brand itself but it looks very abandoned, but you can try your luck with the contact email address.  If it goes to a human you will probably get a reply as most Germans can read and write enough English to get by.

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