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Is Prince Philip upset that he doesn't have any brothers?

Prince Philip only had 4 older sisters. Wow. That's a whole lot of PMS old Philip had to deal with as a boy. Prince Philip has no brothers. Is Prince Philip upset he had no brothers? And no one to help him fight off those PMS people as a boy?

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    so many peds in royalty...why arent you asking about Prince Andrew and Epstein connection... Prince Charles best friends: Pedo Saville.

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      man and big are ped enablers or worse

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    PMS was not an issue like it is today then Prince Phillip was a boy.

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    Given his family's history of expulsion and exile I doubt that was top of his list of complaints growing up.

  • Lord Mountbatten played the role of uncle.

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    Philip wasn't entirely alone. He had the Nazis. One shouldn't forget that his Hitler Youth buddies and his brothers in-law were also on his side, so to speak.

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    And how are we to know how Philip feels on this subject if he has not offered his opinion?

    Philip's family was torn apart by the removal of the Greek monarchy and his parents' separation. He spent more time at school, and with his British relatives than he did with his sisters.His sisters married Germans, and with the rise of Hitler, meant that Philip did not see much of them for a period of time. One of Philip's schools was in Germany, but with the rise of Hitler, closed down, left Germany, went to Britain, an opened as Gordounston.  The German-based school of  Schule Schloss Salem was owned by his brother-in-law's family, Berthold, Margrave of Baden, who was  married to Philip's sister, Theodora. Its founder was  Kurt Hahn,  who was Jewish. To flea Hitler's persecution of Jews, Hahn moved to Britain and he founded  Gordonstoun, Outward Bound and the United World Colleges.

    Prince Philip also moved to Britain, to stay with his relatives, the Mountbattens, his uncle and guardian Lord Milford Haven. He attended and graduated from Gordounston, entered the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth,training for the Royal Navy. He took the naturalization route to British citizenship eventhough, through royal protocols, was already a British citizen since he was a descendant of the Stuart house through Sophia of Hanover.,_Duke_...

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    Why should he be if you grow up without brothers you don't know any difference.

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    I suggest Prince Philip spent so little time with his sisters, he wasn't bothered by them at all.   I had a sister and no brothers but that didn't bother me.   What does now, is the fact that even if she was 4.5 years younger than me, she died in 2014 and my parents decades before that, which means apart from my husband, I now have no close living relatives.   And so I regret not having more siblings!!

    Thank you Clo - My losses happened some years ago now, but there are times when I do feel very 'alone'.  Life's a b itch sometimes ..... and then you too die.

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      I am sorry for your loss. Having only a few close living relatives is something i can relate to...

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    He's probably happy because he has 3 sisters to protect and who dote on him.

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