what sort of music would percy faiths music be described as?

the fellow who had a hit with 'theme from a summer place' long ago, is his type of music; waltz, classical or what genre of music is it classed as?

i just recently bought percy faith greatest hits on cd, that is why i'm asking.

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  • steve
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    9 months ago
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    Easy Listening

    Orchestrated Pop

    Traditional Pop

    Light Music

    Mood Music

    Beautiful Music

    Romantic Music

    Elevator Music

    You might enjoy his arrangements of the songs --

    'Once Upon a Time' and 'A Quiet Thing' (both from "Broadway Bouquet" (1965))

    'Out of This World' from his album "Bouquet of Love" (1962)

    He recorded 'Out of this World' twice, but his earlier version from his 1955 album "Music for Her" pales in comparison.

    Some consider his albums "Bouquet" (1959) and "Bouquet of Love" (1962) among his most beautiful, though Percy Faith did various styles of cover arrangements.

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