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How do I start to organize a very overwhelming messy room?

Looking at it, it just seems impossible to make a dent. I need a place to start so i don't feel overwhelmed. It's a large bedroom on one side of the room and an art studio on the other side. But all the stuff is mixed together. Some things are already in big boxes and there is lots of clutter and papers.

I'm doing this by myself.

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    Stand in the doorway. Turn either left or right and start there. Plan to work in 15-30 minute time periods and then take a 5-10 minute break before starting from where you left off. Either work clockwise or counterclockwise, or back and forth. Some people like to make a first pass quickly gathering any obvious trash and getting it out of the way. Play some active music.

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    I normally make my bed first. then tidy the desk and other surfaces, then the floor. pile all dirty clothes, and put all dirty dishes to one side and sort them out afterwards

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    sort your stuffs and let go of those cluttered papers and unused items. 

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    Lol I haaaate intricate messes like that. Faced with those, I either clean one category of crap at a time (everything that writes in one pile, all papers in another, all clothes in another) then later refine (separate pencils from markers, bills from drawings, clean clothes from laundry). OR I do it one area at a time (from here to the door. Now under the bed. In front of the closet etc).

    I also lie to myself and act like I only have to work for an hour, then I get used to it and do the whole job

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    smokey dopey?

    it messes with the brains innate but practiced ability to prioritize. organize .compartmentalize, and unite all into reasonable order  using available space with room for other activities.

     wash dishes first,no leaving them in the sink plastic drainer,

    dryem & stow them

    clean off the table where you munch, wash dirt & food off too

    papers,,put in order of work on quick,bills due,in a clean folder,mark BILLS set on desk corner.

    coupons,advertisements,old newspapers,,magazines that you rarely look at,every drawer in the art desk,,go through them,rubber band pencils,,separate by color,,,inks,charcoals,,( buy a plastic tool bin to stow them)

    clothes,hangem up wash whats dirty,,so other **** while they swoosh around in the agitator,,fold what can fit neatly in drawers,hang up,put good clothing in thick plastic zipper bags

     wash linens, dry fold put away

    sweep under everything the broom can reach,vacuum carpet throw rugs. clean furniture arms with murphs oil soap and a capfl of linen smelly detergent   use a sponge mop..or 2,, wall switches clean them too.

    doors,clean smudges.clean the oven,fridge,the counter, fridge top too,walgreens windex has a better  formula of the blue stuff,they added some mold killer to it.

     a medium size bucket to put recycling papers in,,old bills,, sort out cancelled checks and bill stubs, keep a years worth around out of the way but available if needed,

    listen to fav music while you work.shot off the phone & computer,, till the place is tiptop.

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     It is not overwhelming. That is why you have the boxes.  If you need more, get them and sort. "Stuff", "paper", "totally junk". Sort is the first part...which is the easiest.

    . Then as it is your stuff it is only you that should do this.  Others will put everything in JUNK box and they are done.

    .  It is not something that is done in one day.  If you can do it in one day then you ain't got the volume to worry about. 

    .  Then sort the stuff into 2 boxes.  Stuff you use daily and stuff that has not been touched in a month.,,and no forseeable plan to touch it in the future.

      Call it your second Junk box) & save box

    .  Do the same for the papers.  Stuff that is really important to keep and stuff you have no interest anymore.

    Again another 2 boxes Save & Junk

    Now you end up with 6 boxes...3 that are junk and 3 that are hold ons.

    Try to live without the stuff you put in the junk box for a couple of weeks or months.  If you can, without digging that stuff back out of the box because it was Seasonal. then you can live without it.

    So it is really junk.

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    What works for me is setting my kitchen timer for a really short time, like 15 or 20 minutes.

    Start work. When the timer rings, either you'll be so engrossed in the work that you just keep going anyway, OR you'll drop it all thankfully and go and sit down with a cup of tea.

    If you do keep going, that's fantastic.

    And if you DON'T, well, at least your room is 15-20 minutes tidier than it was.

  • Joe
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    1 month ago

    Big giant garbage bags. Start filling them up and dragging them outside. Sort out whats left.

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    just do it a little at a time

  • 1 month ago

    start by dealing with a small section at a time over a span of days, bit by bit.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Pay someone to do it

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