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How do I get over my fear of communal showers that don't have stalls?

I'm a female and trying to get over it

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    Try and just look straight ahead do what you have to do and think about what you need to do for the day to try and preoccupy yourself. Remember that you’re not the only person who’s In your situation 

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    Shyness isn't a crime, burt it is as temporary a condition as the embarressment of stripping all your clothes off in front of boy and girls. Back in the day, showering with female teammates was not more uncomfortable than having out privates examined by classmates before entering the pool or and having your cheeks parted in front of niebors and family members, who have seen a million testicles lifted, vaginal openings stretched, anuses spread and scrutinized by thier classmates and faculty members, not to mention siblings and parents. Take the plunge and get the awkward moment over with, by walking up to someone you would abso dread seeing you naked, the second you become naked, and explain to them that yoy are sp embarrassed standing nude in front of them, that you would appreciate thier understanding of your dilemma and ask them if they would be so kind as to give you some release, by relieving you of your excess sexual tension by manually manipulated stimulation in place of that--as you point at thier erecting penis's and indicate where you want thier hands to be by bending over and spreading yourself wide, with female pride, inviting the completely. Thourough examination of your private parts, inside and out, since you'd rather risk crying or climaxing here, in the locker areas, than in front of community and reporters armed with cameras. Be explicitly graphic in your fear of people seeing how powerful you sex drive is, since all teenagers and young adults of both sexes are slaves to thier own body chemistry. At 14, i was instructed to masterbate in front of the girls who's health class I was nakedbun front of, and a little teasing and ribbing from my female friend and classmates over the power of my ejaculation was brief, but allowing myself to be practice for girls in class seriously thinking about dating boys, promising unrestricted access to my. penis, testicles, buttocks, and even that hole between my cheeks being violated by the cute but Randy girl behind me, to the girl who wants to keep playing with my private parts the way you girls ate now. One of those girls has a 27 year old daughter that refers to me as father, since I am her Godfather, and she thinks no less of me after seeing old pictures of her mother putting her hand wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted, because the humiliation Quickly turns to pride and joy, when you finnaly realize that she is always smiling from extreme happiness, as she takes possession of her future son's boy parts.

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    You could wear a swimsuit while showering.

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    I am willing to help by offering to watch you shower. Once you get used to me watching, adding more people won't be so scary.

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  • 9 months ago

    practice showering with guys

  • 9 months ago

    just shower somewhere else

  • 9 months ago

    Why? Is there a reason you have to use a communal shower? I've NEVER liked communal showers and have done everything to avoid them my entire life. I think they're a stupid concept. We have to get naked around strangers or worse, friends just because someone is too cheap to install walls? I don't think so. I'll put my clothes back on my sweaty or dirty body and go home and shower and do laundry.

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    You don’t have to be naked to take a shower at the swimming pool. If you’re uncomfortable with taking a shower naked with other people, just shower in your swimming suit. 

    I’m a guy and I like to put on a swimsuit and take showers when there are naked women around. I love this gender neutral showers. 

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    A poor body image is likely your problem. Until you overcome that you won't get over your fear. Because you judge yourself too harshly, you assume others do as well. I can assure you that this is not the case. Sure there are going to be others there that might look better in some way than you, but there will also be others that don't. That's just part of life and you need to learn to accept that in order to cope with it.

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    9 months ago

    find another place to shower

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