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I’m conflicted should I turn them in?

So I’m a sophomore in high school and I overheard these 2 girls sitting at my English table saying that they found this woman’s platinum credit card and how they have to spend all the money on it. They were saying how they were gonna buy clothes and put $60 on their Uber and Uber home. They even mentioned that they found her zip code. Then one of the girls turned to me and said that they knew I could hear this and how if i say anything to anyone they will get in trouble and be put in jail. I’m really conflicted cause I know what they’re doing is terrible, but if they find out that I said anything they will make my life a living hell. Should I talk to my counselor about it? If so how can I say what they did without them knowing I was the one who said anything? 

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    When the woman discovers that her card is gone, she'll call the company and put a stop on the card. She probably already has. They won't be able to charge anything on it. And if they do, the credit card company has people who investigate fraud and will arrange for the two girls to be arrested. So leave it alone. 

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    Totally.  100% without even batting an eyelash.  What's the conflict all about?  They're spending someone else's money that isn't theirs to spend.  It's stealing.  It wouldn't be right for you to do that and you'd be thrown in jail so why shouldn't they be?  Are they special and exempt from the rules that everyone else must abide by?  How about if that were your card and somebody made unauthorized charges on it?  Would you be okay with that?  How hard do YOU need to work to earn YOUR money?

    They'll never learn if they don't get caught doing it and they'll just keep doing it into adulthood.  They learned their lesson early in life and they'll be thankful for that.  They're lucky it happened when they were juveniles and not adults where their record will be on public display and their life will be permanently destroyed forever.  

    Besides, high school is about throwing each other under the bus anyway.  Them making your life a living hell is an empty threat. What they don't seem to understand is that they're committing a crime.  YOU'RE the one with the absolute power to make THEIR lives a living hell.  

    Criminals are easily manipulated.  Just be careful and anonymous.  I know it seems like two harmless high school kids on the surface but you don't really know what someone is truly capable of and some people are more dangerous than you realize.  Especially when they have that kind of secret they don't want getting out into the world because it will result in disastrous consequences for them.

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    They will get off with a warning.  But they do that again the history will go against them.

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    Tell them to consult a lawyer. In some states, anything 50.00 or over in theft creates harsher penalties, so they need to know the laws to protect themselves. This will probably discourage them from going further. Also tell your parents you need to consult a lawyer in case they try to implicate you for overhearing rumors of this illicit plan.

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    They will most likely get caught.

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    If they're using it to pay for Ubers, the police will catch them pretty quickly

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    No they nevah .

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    i would talk to your counselor about it

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    Use your conscience.

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    If you know the woman's name, you may be able to contact her and warn her to put a "stop" on her card. That will keep you out of it when the girls get picked up when making their first purchase.

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