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Jake asked in SportsMartial Arts · 8 months ago

Who is more fit Bill Goldberg or Linda Hamilton?

Linda is 63 and had to train for like 3 months and then go on a low carb diet for a year to get fit for the terminator but even the 2nd terminator she was strong and had biceps and trained with Arnold she was even doing chin ups in the movie. She was saying for the new terminator that came out she had to take scuba lessons, military classes, weapons training all to prepare her ffor the movie.

Goldberg on the another hand even thought the WWE is fake what he does on screen and in person seems very superhuman.

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  • In my opinion? Linda Hamilton. Bill Goldberg really seems to be lacking in The Cardiovascular Conditioning Department, which is probably the reason that all his Professional Matches the last few years have been very short and quick, 2 minutes or less.

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