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Did white people originate from albinos?

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    No, albinos exist in every human population (and also in non-human animals and plants) and have nothing to do with the mutations associated to light skin in people of European descent (including variations in the SLC24A5 gene, which apparently have been selected for in the last 6,000 years).

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    No, we didn't.

    As if you don't know, we originated from Europe.

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    No. Indo-Europeans evolved from Central Asians, and Central Asians evolved from Africans who migrated out of Africa about 60,000 years ago. Indo-Europeans adapted to the ice age climate they found in Europe by wearing clothes. Clothes block out the sun and protects their skin from cancer-causing UV light. It also blocks the skin from the harmless UV light that is needed to make vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium from our food (that is why milk sold in grocery stores is fortified with vitamin D) Since eumelanin (dark brown to black pigment) absorbs UV light, dark skinned people wearing clothes will have a more difficult time making vitamin D. Vitamin D shortage can result in rickets, which can result in broken or deformed bones, even death.

    Therefore, to avoid rickets, people who migrated to cold climates, such as the northern Chinese and Europeans, evolved lighter skin tones to help them absorb enough UV light. Lighter skin is the result of a reduction in the amount of eumelanin in the body. Some light-skinned people have very small amounts of eumelanin in their body, but they do have some. Albinos, on the other hand, have zero amount of eumelanin. Albinos typically contract skin cancer by their early 20s. OTOH, light-skinned folks are much less likely to have skin cancer. Albinism is a genetic defect that results in the inability to manufacture eumelanin. It would be difficult for an albino to re-evolve the ability to manufacture eumelanin again.

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    Yes. Due to mutation in their genes.

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    No, we did not, Albino's still have the facial features of whatever race they came from, Albino blacks still retain Neg'roid featues and they are Albino Whites, but 99.99% of Whites are not Albino

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    Look at "The Ten Commandments" Movie made back in the early 1950s before air condition was inverted. And in hot Israel!  It is easy to see very pale skin at the end of the movie. Filming started there.

    At the beginning of the movie they have darkened and are in their med. shade of tanned skins.

    In the middle of the movie they had tanned almost to black!   With no cool inside place to run to in-between shots, all tanned! Greatly!  If they had gone inside they  would have baked! 

    GOD made Adam and Eve first and put them in a "hot all the time area", so they would have lots of foods to eat!   No freezings! 

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    only the red eyed ones.

  • Quite possibly although we don't fully understand the mechanism. Skin with low melanin has an evolutionary advantage in places where there is low sunshine. It enables the body to manufacture more Vitamin D. White skin is a fairly recent development. The Sami people and the Celts from Eastern Europe are likely to have been the first pale skinned peoples and date back around 12,000 years. The Sami thrived in the low sunshine levels of the Scandinavian Arctic and the Celts were successful because they had iron weapons. How their "whiteness" transferred to Germanic tribes and why the people of Southern Europe gradually became paler are not fully understood.

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