Let's say two cars, a Mitsubishi Mirage and a Toyota Camry, both brand now, hit one another going 20 mph. Which car would fare better?

Which care would fare better in the accident. This would be a hypothetical head-on collision.

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  • 8 months ago
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    With the way modern cars are designed, you’d expect the passengers of both vehicles to have no more than minor injuries.

    You’d also expect both cars to be write-offs are they’re designed to sacrifice everything to minimise passenger injury. The cost of the cars to insurers is small change compared to what personal injury claims can cost them.

    If you want a more accurate answer then go and buy both cars brand new, then set up at huge expense an accurate head on crash test with each vehicle travelling at 20mph. And have a few more cars waiting as the data from a single test is not scientifically valid. Or at alternatively huge expense get each vehicle completely accurately computer modelled, crash a few real cars to validate the accuracy of the models, and then simulate as many crashes as you like in virtual form.

    If you want to also know what happens to passengers then you need even more money for crash test dummies or their virtual equivalents.

    If you intended a *combined* 20mph impact speed, so each vehicle approaches at just 10mph then you could reasonably expect the occupants to walk away uninjured apart from possible bruising, and for each car to be fully repairable although it would still run into at least four figures for each vehicle. If the impact did set off airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners in either vehicle then they might be written off as uneconomical to repair.

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  • 8 months ago

    Do not know, .....but the better question would be "In which car would the people fare better?"

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