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What other water conditions can affect the welfare of tropical community fish?

So, obviously for chlorine and other heavy metals we use a water conditioner.

And then of course, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate we have to cycle until we can manage them. P.H also kept in range.

But are there any other elements in water that are not testable or simply not as common as the above that could affect fish's welfare?

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    You might here somewere along the line that it is healthy to add salt to the freshwater tank.  But keep in mind, that salt never evaporates, and only some of it exits the tank with water changes.  So if you add salt for any reason, remember that it can build up to dangerouse levels if you dont test for it.  

    You should test for ph.  or have it tested, you dont even need to buy that test kit, as the ph of your tap water is going to find up being the same as that in your tank, unless you add things to keep a cichlid tank or whatever.  

    But outside of a cichlid or specialty tank, you should not try to change your ph.  Fish can adapt to a wide range af ph, but bouncing ph created by chemicals can kill them.

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    Yes, Chloramine is present in many municipal water systems and unlike chlorine which dissipates from the water in about 24 hours, it does not dissipate. It requires a neutralizer to be used in every case.

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