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When I drive at night and someone has bright headlights on I can’t see. What is happening and what is a solution?

I’m nearsighted but it’s not bad enough where I feel like I need to wear my glasses at all. The only times I wear my glasses are when it’s dark out and I’m driving. 

I go from not needing them in the daylight to essential at night. 

Recently I had to pick my sister up outside city limits so there was no street lights or just additional lighting at all. It was pitch black and I had to use my high beams a couple of times. 

I dreaded the moment whenever a car with obvious brighter lights or with their high beams on passed me. Their light just washed the road out and I couldn’t see anything. 

I do drive a Subaru Outback, a car that’s low to the ground. Would getting a taller vehicle be of help or is there a specific condition I can get my eyes checked for?

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    Get a pair of amber driving glasses that are made to fit over a pair of glasses. The amber tint cuts down the glare. 

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    Many details are missing here. You could be 18 and have not learned to keep your eyes away from oncoming headlights. You could be 70 and experiencing the symptoms of a cataract or macular degeneration.

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    simple....just hold up your left hand in front of you, to block the light from your eyes.......

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    The way to minimise the problem is to focus hard on your pathway rather than look at the lights. 

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    You could also just block their lights with your hand till they pass, thats what i do

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    1 month ago

    There are special glasses you can wear for that

    • GR1 month agoReport

      These seem like they could be really helpful, thank you

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