is it possible to download RAM to your gaming PC? or do you have to go out and buy ram to install it yourself?

also,will upgrading my ram help with gaming proformance? i think the pc i have came with 8gb of ram. its been a year now, what should i upgrade my ram to?

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  • 8 months ago
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    Current games do not require more than 8 GB of RAM.

    RAM is physical hardware part of a PC, it needs to be installed.

    What might help is the the Video Graphics Card (also a hardware item). It too has its own RAM, usually for Gaming  it has 500 MB, 1 or 2 GB fixed (usually not up gradable)...

    More than 8GB of RAM on the motherboard is plenty, There are few, and those are for professional use, programs that need or can use more. Drafting, Audio, Visual (movie editing) sometimes need 16 or 32 GB of expanded RAM.

    Look at the Specs on the box, It usually specifies how much RAM is necessary to run the program.

    Always look at "Recommended" or "optimal",  never "minimum".

    If a person does a rebuild or upgrade, they might put in an inferior motherboard. The motherboard must be matched to the CPU or the processing speeds may be bottle necked (throttled).

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  • 8 months ago

    8gb is the 'sweet spot'.  Most processors today can use a lot more but more doesn't speed you up that much.

    But yes, of course you can buy RAM. (Yeah, you have to buy it.  It's hardware, not software).  Look in the manual (or the computer) to see how many slots you have--most computers have 4 but some have only 2.  See what kind you need (i.e. DDR2, DDR3, etc., and the speed).  Then search on EBay or Amazon or NewEgg.

    They used to say (and I used to think) that you couldn't mix different RAM.  But I do this all the time now and it's never a problem.  So if you have four slots, and two of them are empty, you can buy two more sticks.  If all your slots are filled, you need to throw away RAM and buy new, bigger sticks.  For instance, if you have 4 slots with 2gb sticks in them, you'll need to throw them away (or give them to someone) and buy 4 4gb sticks.

    RAM is not the easiest thing to install.  Push straight down and make sure it's seated all the way, and that the clips on both ends of the stick are 'up'.  It's a very common thing to put in new RAM and then the computer won't even start up because one stick isn't all the way in.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    jfc ask too many questions much? only answering one. it all depends on what kind of games you are playing. most of the top ones now require 16 or 32gb

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  • you have to buy the RAM from my experience.

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