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When Western Europe has sufficient muslims to put sharia law in place, will the whites go along with it?

And will the white women wear black bedsheets over themselves everywhere they go?

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    We already have to go along with halal meat, which is cruel and should be banned. Muslims have got their way on that one already.Β 

    It is just a matter of time and lazy capitulation by the government to the demands of a dangerous cult.Β 

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    Yes, cupcake. All of Europe will turn into bedsheet-wearing blah blah blah. You betcha. Prepare accordingly. Stock your treehouse with chili and firecrackers. At least you can have a full tummy when THEY INVADE YOU. I'm sure you're high on their list. Are you even in Europe? Do you know where that is outside of...what, Alabama? Or is this some weird fearfap fantasy that ends with you receiving an offering from both Hannity and Trump? Kinky, I guess.Β 

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    If there are enough Muslims in Western Europe to make Sharia Law actual law, then I'm sure that there wouldn't be any debate whether they would follow it. White doesn't mean not Muslim, just like middle eastern doesn't equal not Christian.Β 

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    Yup, all races will but not Christians or Jews.

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    Polish people now outnumber non-whites in Britain

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    It is more likely that the next generation of Muslims growing up in Western Europe and the US are going to be enticed by the freedom of Western culture and turn away from Islam. Usually when a foreign culture moves in, it become absorbed into the original culture rather then replacing it.

  • God, you people are like a broken record of stupidity. You literally live in a country with thousands of denominations of Christianity, all saying different things, but you still fall for the lie that literally every single Muslim is the same. What is your damage?

  • Anonymous
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    As we can see is that Chris is again thumbing down everyone with his millions of sock-puppet accounts.

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      Yahoo is more or less international.Β  This is not a US board any more than it is a Christian board.Β  It is just that there are more US people here and the Christians shout the most.Β 

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    "And will the white women wear black bedsheetsΒ 

    over themselves everywhere they go?"

    Hey, i'm in that group that still hopesΒ 

    your mom will continue wearing hers...

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    Dude, France is 10 percent Islamic. Full of Algerians and Morrocans.

    As far as I know there is no sharia law in France.

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