What is the best EQ setting for my 5.1 LG home cinema system (LHB645N 1000w)?

I really enjoy a deep sounding bass effect; however, even though this particular system is a downgrade from what I had previously, which eventually stopped working entirely, I’d like to bypass the poor preset sound effects and create my own.

It’s worth mentioning that I only ever use this system for music and gaming.Shown below is what I’m able to adjust from a value of -6 to +6:60 HZ300HZ2K HZ10K HZPlease can you suggest your recommended settings?

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  • 8 months ago
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    The whole idea of equalization

    is to make up for the sonic deficiencies of the room in which the system is used.


    That is why each room needs a different "curve",

    and why no one can possibly suggest settings for a room they aren't in. 

    Adjust the controls so that the sound is well balanced 

    from the lowest frequency to the highest. 

    DON'T use the controls to favour your personal tastes. 

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  • TomB
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    8 months ago

    Since sound is subjective and all rooms are different (shape, size, furniture, flooring etc)....the "best settings" are whatever sounds best to the person listening to it in the room they are listening to it in.

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