What’s the best cheapest PA speaker?

I was thinking about buying a used ion total pa max, Rockville rpg or Rockville rambt 15. I need something that can play music over 150+ People in a medium sized room. I want to spend the least amount of money possible. I was thinking $200 or less.

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    11 months ago
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    I used to see JBL speakers used in many commercial places that I went to in the 1990s. They sounded pretty loud, with good bass output.  If you want to produce loud sounds, you get high efficiency speakers because they take less amplifier power to produce the same loudness level. High efficiency speakers do not always sound good though. JBL used to be owned by Harman Kardon, and Harman Kardon bought Infinity loudspeakers, a very goo brand. Samsung has recently bought Harman Kardon.  You may want to look for used Infinity speakers. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other more esoteric brands. They sound great, but you need an amplifier that can produce high current at low impedances (as low as 2 ohms). I use harman kardon amplifiers to power them. Japanese amps in general cannot handle Infinity speakers because they cannot produce high current at low impedances.In general, if you see a hole in the speaker cabinet, the speakers are high efficiency speakers but they cannot reproduce low bass.

  • 11 months ago

    Try $3,000 or more --- or consider renting a good system, 

    which might cost about $200. 

    The good thing about it would be that you would have something  

    capable of doing the job well.


    None of those cheapos is adequate for that large a space 

    and that number of people. 



    All of the Ion and Rockville stuff is the same --- short-lived trash. 

    But they do work OK for ordinary situations for a Little while.  

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