The streetlights in Las Vegas are terrible, why?

Recent trip to Vegas and rented a car. The streetlights seem low or are not bright enough (anywhere off the strip). On local news pedestrians always getting struck and I see why. Very scary cause even though they are on, it is hard to see pedestrians also hard to see the lanes in the roads. Not sure if this is done on purpose to save money but it is a significant safety issue.

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  • A.J.
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    9 months ago
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    I live in Las Vegas, but can only speculate.

    1)  Las Vegas Strip is actually in unincorporated Paradise Nevada and north Strip in unincorporated Winchester NV, both managed by Clark County.We prefer low property taxes. We have no income taxes. There are overpasses at key intersections and barriers at many corners trying to keep pedestrians off the roads. The few crossing points at street level should have traffic lights. Modernization is expensive.  There are also trams and shuttles and walkpaths away from the street. A lot of public works projects compete.

    2) Traffic Management handles it

    They last studied pedestrians and did a 2015 update

    They focused on many improvements to keep people OFF the streets, but include a change to LED lighting, whenever that happens.

    3) The pedestrians are generally hit in jaywalking, crossing or walking highways and major roads, and the fact that drivers hitting them are often visitors who are not used to high density. Not sure brighter lights would help much on-Strip at least. The casino displays put out fairly bright lighting. Drunk and lazy pedestrians?

  • 9 months ago

    I have been to Vegas many times.  The lighting has never been an issue for me.  Drunken morons stumbling blindly on the other hand are a rather larger problem than the lighting at least.

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