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Why are my fish gasping for air?

So I've bought 3 platties to cycle my 260 litre tank. 2 days previous, I set the tank up, added water conditioner and benificial chemical bacteria. My filter is making adequate water movement on the surface also. Water temp is 25 degrees C.

I have tested the water waiting for the ammonia spike from the platties I have added (which hasn't spiked yet) but they are shimmying up and down the tank and sitting at the top of the tank, but if there's no ammonia spike yet what is causing them to be under stress so early?

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  • pepi
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    1 year ago

    They are probably suffering from the ammonia. You don't need a "spike", even very little amounts of ammonia can kill fish - especially smaller sensitive fish. I don't know why you would let an animal suffer in those conditions. You can buy fish food, put a bit in your tank and let it decompose, it will produce ammonia quickly and easily and you don't need any fish. You can siphon it out later. There are other cleaner methods using fish food you can look it up.

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    The process of cycling a tank is very stressful to any live animals.  Chemistry will bounce all over the place.  Therie are variose bacterial and algail blooms, you need to be making multiple, frequent water changes - "also very stressfull" And the new fish are already undergoing the stress of acclimating to a new environment.  First from breeder to petstore, then from petstore to your tank.  It is just too much , if they survive the cycle they will permanetly weekened.

  • Jack H
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    1 year ago

    I am often baffled by people shoving chemicals into aquaria then wondering why fish are suffering. If your fish are at the surface, it's generally because of insufficient aeration, but, in your case 3 platties in 38 gallons, wouldn't need any extra air. I guess it's down to your chemical use. EITHER, do a 1/3 water change to help the fish out, OR, stop using the fish and let the tank *cycle* normally, you need to learn a lot about keeping water rather than relying on tests and slowly killing fish, in case you're wondering I've kept fish for over 30 years, specialising in Mbuna and dwarf cichlids, successfully kept and bred wild caught discus and many tanganyikans, never used chemical treatments, but have used reverse osmosis my day cycling the tank took three days to get rid of the chlorine and using some *used* filter materials...

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    Hopefully some of the suggestions in this article will give you the right answer.  Googling - your friend.

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  • Raven
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    1 year ago

    Poor fish! Some people believe that cycling with fish is cruel to the fish. You seem to know this, by the last line of your post. I too am cycling an aquarium right now, but I'm doing a fishless cycle, with bottled ammonia. Why don't you return those stressed out fish and buy a bottle of ammonia???

    I found plain ammonia at Menard's. It's also at Amazon. Fleet Farm too.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Have u added Oxygen bubble maker ???

    Add it asap.

    If u have, and they are still gasping for air. The water has something. Dont change water again, just add 3 spoons of salt.

    If possible, upload a pic

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