Lufthansa carry on baggage and checked in baggage question?

Hi all,

Do you think that they will let me get on the plane with two laptop bags (I had no problem with that when I was travelling here, so those alone would be okay) AND a simple bag like this (it only has a dossier and a big box of chocolate). Will they let me on, does this still fit the "free baggage" rules? I do not have a big carry on so I think it should be OK.. only the two laptop bags and this :

On another note, do you think its a problem for TSA that I use this on my checked in baggage? I do not have any other way to prevent from stealing, it aint much but more than nothing I guess, at least I would know if someone opened it. I do not want to purchase a lock :


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  • 11 months ago

    Using a cable tie to "lock" your luggage is fine. I always do that.  Don't use a real lock - not even one that is "TSA approved".  

    Every airline that allows you to have a "carry on bag plus a personal item" will have no problem with you using two laptop bags. They just have to fit in the overhead storage.

    Your third bag looks like a non-disposable shopping bag. I have routinely flown with a carry-on and a laptop bag plus a bag from the Duty Free store and never had a problem. I can't guarantee you won't have a problem but it is unlikely.   

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    11 months ago

    TSA doesn't care a bit.  But the airline will not allow it.  They allow ONE carry-on item and ONE personal item - TWO items total.  You can't bring more items just because they are smaller in size than what is allowed.

  • 11 months ago

    No, they won't allow that. It's one too many carry on items.

  • 11 months ago

    If what it says is 'one carry-on baggage of up to 8 kg' and 'another small item of baggage' , then they mean you can bring TWO pieces, one of the larger size and one of the smaller size. If what they meant is 'you can bring any number of pieces as long as they don't weigh any more than this and none of them is bigger than this' then they would have said that. The reason the airline says what it says about luggage is that's what there is room for on the airplane.

    It's possible that they will allow what you want to bring. It's also possible that they won't. Do you want to find out at check-in or at the gate that they won't? If you want to do it, then allow yourself time to buy some luggage in the airport if you find they won't allow it.

    You can use a cable tie to close a bag if you want to. If TSA people want to open the bag, they'll just cut it.

    The way to simplify air travel is to follow the rules as they are written, not hope they'll make an exception just for you.

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  • 11 months ago

    How many bags can you carry on. I think united let’s you carry 1 bag if you get the cheapest seats, 2 bags for everyone else. 

    As long as it fits the size of a carry on then you can bring it with you. 

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