Which place is considered better for UPSC Civil services exam coaching, Hyderabad or Delhi?

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  • 11 months ago

    While the city of residence of the aspiring candidates, or the choice of training institute, or accommodation, are not qualifying factors to get selected for training to the All India Services. However, with the ever booming competition, the latest trends do imply that these factors have, to some extent, have started affecting the outcome of the aspirants attempts to some extent.

    Delhi has, on the account being the nation’s capital, has always attracted and enjoyed a lead in churning out the maximum amount of successes, the credit going to institutes present in areas like Mukherjee Nagar and Rajendra Nagar. Many institutes also offer hostel facilities, food facilities, 24-hour libraries. There exists a market for paying guest type of accommodation for students independent of the coaching institutes too.

    The success rate of coaching institutes in Delhi can be attributed to:

    The presence of many well-known educational institutions due to which the atmosphere of competition and education is very high

    Huge numbers of well-trained and experienced faculty

    Students from across the country having made Delhi their IAS campaign base for many decades

    Technology adoption in imparting of training including online classes, video recorded lectures, availability of course material and testing online

    However, the competitive advantage based on the aforementioned criteria could not have been sustained for a long period of time and other cities, for instance, Hyderabad have caught up to Delhi on the training successes.

    Delhi, does have a few drawbacks though:

    comparatively high fee charged by the coaching institutes

    higher cost of living making the city unaffordable to the students from mid and lower income strata

    availability of alternate attractive options for those choosing their medium as English as compared to Hindi

    Some of the well-known institutes in Delhi for IAS Coaching are:

    Elite IAS Academy

    Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching Institute

    Chanakya IAS Academy, Delhi

    ALS – Coaching Institute for IAS Preparation

    Rau’s IAS


    Hyderabad, on the other hand, has been quickly catching up as the strongest contended to Delhi, in terms of the number of UPSC Aspirants. The city not boasts of academic and research institutes of great repute, but it is also coming up as a hub for training institutes for the civil services. During the past few years, demand for IAS as a career option has increased in Hyderabad considerably that has led to increased numbers of quality institutes offering IAS coaching programs.

    Additionally, institutes based out of Hyderabad are advantageous to those students whose preferred medium is their regional language. With the majority of students based out of this region being Telugu speaking who come from far flung areas across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, selecting a coaching institute in Hyderabad makes perfect sense.

    A selection of the topmost institutes in Hyderabad, offering coaching programs for the IAS are:

    La Excellence IAS

    RC Reddy IAS Study Circle

    Pragnya IAS Academy

    Narayana IAS Academy

    For more ias coaching info http://iascoachinginfo.com/index.php

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