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Ariana Grande-Butera. First Kid To Ride The NHL's Florida Panthers' Zamboni In 1998 WOW?

And This Future Nickelodeon Victorious Actress And Singer Struck By Two Pucks At NHL Games. She's The First Person In The History Of The NHL Or Pop Culture To Be Hit By A Puck In The Florida Panthers' Current Arena (Thank U Next Like Maybe?) (As Of 2019 As A Non-NHL/Pop Culture Related Question)


Singer, Actress, Grammy Winner, American Music Awards Winner, MTV Video Music Awards Winner And NHL Hockey Survivor Of Two Hockey Puck Incidents That Maybe Never Hurt Ms. Grande Since When She Was A Kid

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    Another factoid disguised as a question. This guy is never going to stop.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Another stupid non-question by you.

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