Help Please! What show is this on Netflix?

I saw a trailer a few months or weeks ago and before you answer NO it's not "THE CROWN". I can't remember much but the trailer that previewed was a a bunch of British people in a huge castle, the show is named after the castle but I don't remember which one and no it's not Buckingham. It started with a "W" I believe and British people pronounce it differently than Americans. I remember because I'm American and I remember saying "why did she pronounce it that way when it clearly is pronounced _____" but anyway the preview showed a beautiful tan castle and some man comes on and says "the queen is coming here to check on something" and this lady is like "the queen is coming? here!!?" so then the trailer goes on to show servants cleaning up all of the castle and them rushing and getting out its finest china and the maids having to look their best because Queen Elizabeth is coming, it sort of had a comic side, I'm not sure if that helps. and there's like drama between the maids or something. I really am trying to find this show!

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Could it be Victoria? As in Queen Victoria, with Jenna Coleman.

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  • 8 months ago

    Just watch Downton Abbey instead lol... i’m convinced there’s no other British show that could be better than that. It’s not on Netflix, though

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