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can someone tell me the meaning of this quote by Steve jobs?

‘innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity’ Can someone explain what this means 

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    What he is saying is that change makes opportunity for something new.  When things are static there is little incentive to change and adapt to a different way of doing things.

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    When something changes in the market, he saw it as an opportunity to capitalize on.

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    Change is a part of life, but too many people see change as bad. They spend all their time complaining about why things are different than they once were.

    However, the smart people realize that changes bring new opportunities, and tend to be the first to use those opportunities to their advantage.

    Examples: People are doing more shopping on the Internet now, causing many retail stores to close. Kohls now allows people to make their Amazon returns at any Kohls store, and many retail stores now have "ship to store" availability, so their customers can buy online, but need to pick up the item in the store, increasing walk-in traffic. And since a store's website often has items not available in the store itself, it encourages loyalty and prevents customers from buying elsewhere.

  • Ludwig
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    It was a quote from his famous TED talk, entitled "Too much is always more than enough". The same speech contained many other insightful quotes, such as 'Deduction is the inclination to hear variety as a challenge' and 'Solubility is the criterion which leads sugar to taste of sucrose'.

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  • martin
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    Steve was praising the innovators of the world, believing probably himself to be one. He was saying that when changes occur, which cause more work for most people, innovators are happy because for them, it's an opportunity to invent a new or better way of producing or dealing with the things that have changed.

  • Anonymous
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    Steve jobs was a worthless piece of garbage who didn't even understand how computers work.  He was trying to expand on his garbage that change is inevitable and if you try to resist it or control it, you will fail.  My boss loved to be on the cutting edge of technology.  He thought it was cool and means we're the best.  I finally convinced him that being early adopters simply makes us beta testers.  Now, he lets me handle the upgrades.  Our productivity has gone to levels they were never able to achieve before.  Simply because we stopped trying to be the first to do something.   Change is inevitable, but that doesn't mean you change gor the sake of change.  Change when necessary to achieve a goal. 

    • Lapiz Dominoes
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      I find it hard to excuze him for prefacing hiz productz with, "i", thereby openly convincing interzred people in regarding them az extemzionz of them,zelve; who noticed?

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