How much sound proofing can I get?

Hi,I have a question about a concrete house with no window room.

I'm wondering about how much wall slab thickness should I have to watch movies on full blast? 

Is that necessary to have about 11 inch, or more?

Of course, it depends on the volume I would adjust.

However, in general, what do you think it's enough for getting certain level of sound insulation?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The site below says about a foot, so 11" should pretty much do it. You can also add things to the wall if it doesn't

    • Yoichiro4 weeks agoReport

      Thank for your comment. That site helps me a lot not only the thickness, but also the things I can do for making better sound enviroment.

  • hart
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    4 weeks ago

    use head phones

  • 4 weeks ago

    awright what ya doin in there mugsy?? got plans ta chopem up ehh?? tink ya gunna get away widdit ehh? 

    seriously, a few inches of filled cinderblock  with light fiberglass  in the spaces will do it,

    tape in some cheap large carpeting,hang them from tape at the top, anchor screws will send noise through the blocks, tyvek foam  construction insulation,a couple inches  of this stuff ought to do it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sound proofing is very difficult and expensive.  It requires a room with no way for air to escape 9 since sound waves travel on air molecules, meaning air tight doors, windows venting, as well as the structural material used in the room itself.  As sound can and will travel through materials.  Also the floor and ceiling materials, and if there the floors are suspended or slab.  So there is a lot to consider if you truly want a sound proof room.  The biggest mistake is people think by making the room dead that sound will not escape.  Sound will travel through small openings so it doesn't take much.  Also you do not want a dead room to listen in.  That is also a huge mistake.  You want a room that is acoustically neutral with controlled reflections.  Reflections are good they just need to be delayed and defused.  Acoustics is both science and art and takes someone with years of experience to design a room that is both musical and sound proof if that is a requirement.  I am a audio engineer and acoustician so I have a deep understanding of designing a proper room.  You might want to consider hiring a acoustician so you end up with a good sounding room.  Dimensions, materials are all critical to get a good sounding room.  


    40 years high end audio video specialist

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There are less expensive ways. 

    Consult a sound engineer near you. 

    • Yoichiro4 weeks agoReport

      Thank for your comment. I'd find them step by step.

  • Lance
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    1 month ago

    If the room is air tight you will get no sound leakage...The bigger problem is leakage through doorways ventilation etc... Some vibration from the subwoofer might leak through the walls if the walls are thinner than say 5 inches but it should be minimal.

    Also it depends on how far away the neighbors are and/or people in other rooms...Location could play a large part in whats heard. If a tree falls in the forest etc... but most of the sound that people in other parts of the house hear or  the neighbors hear comes from the ventilation system and/or leakage under the door or through window and other places that air leaks out, if air can get out so can sound. Most of the sound traveling through walls is absorbed. A very  powerful sub woofer may be able to vibrate walls but that about it, most higher frequency sounds are easily absorbed by furniture rugs or wall hangings.

    • Yoichiro4 weeks agoReport

      Thanks for your comment. Great explanation with "concrete" examples! I may have been had less knowledge about sound proofing that I should've had. 

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    1 month ago

    headphones are a bit cheaper

    • Yoichiro4 weeks agoReport

      Thanks for your comment. Yeah, that's definitely better consultation to have for sure.

  • Rick
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    1 month ago

    No, you can 'sandwich' a layer of Styrofoam paneling between two layers of cement blocks ............ 

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