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What can be the cause of this tire wobbling and noise?

I have a electric bike and the back tire seems to become a bit wobbly and louder than a few month ago? What could it be and how serious is it? 

However, when I drive real fast and a good street, the noise and the wobbling is not so bad anymore.  

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    Let's give absolutely no information about the ebike.  Problems could be anything from loose axle nuts to warped rims or even loose spokes.  Chances are fixing the problem is beyond your skill level.   Many bicycle shops won't work on any type of motorized bicycle. You could go to the motorized bicycle forums for help.  Both forums have sections on ebikes.

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  • 8 months ago

    The way it's worded...I'm not sure if you own an electric bike (similar to a moped or 49 cc scooter) or an e-Bike (electric assist bicycle).  Either way, strange noises & vibrations are NOT normal.  If it's a bike (as in scooter) you're getting "low speed wobble" - indicating possible belt separation in the tire or maybe a bearing going bad in the wheel.  If it's an e-Bike, you most likely have a wheel out-of-true - the spoke tension needs to be adjusted.  

    Either way, as stated before, it's NOT normal.  Reading between the lines, I also get the feeling this "bike" is relatively new - meaning it's still under WARRANTY.  So why not simply take it back to the shop you bought it & have a mechanic look at it?  Or, would you rather be stranded miles from home with a broke down vehicle?       

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  • Pearl
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    8 months ago

    i would ask a mechanic to check it out

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