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With multiple videos showing Trump getting booed at of all places, a UFC fight, why do his supporters still say "fake news"?

I mean, it's not like a UFC fight is a place where the "soy boys" hang out.

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    One word: denial. They live in this delusion that "real Americans" (whoever that may be) unanimously support him, when really, most Americans do not. Most Americans didn't want him in the first place, most don't want him know. It's a hard pill that they refuse to swallow.

    • Mr Monster
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      I'm sure Fox News is very happy with your delusional answer.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Every U.S. president has had his fair share of critics.  The question is "What do you do when you candidate loses?" Do you whine & complain every day until the next election, or do you "man up" and accept the fact that you have to live under the authority of the person who has been elected.  The Democrats have thrown "everything but the kitchen sink" at President Trump, and he's "still" in office.  What does that tell you?  Bob Mueller is a "senile, old fool" who couldn't remember most what he wrote in the Mueller Report.  Adam Schiff comes across as a "whiny, man-gina" who's never been happy a day in his life.  Trump is going to survive impeachment and he'll be re-elected.  How are "you" going to cope with this?

  • L'nya
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    1 month ago

    Matt 4:8,9 jw.org

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    He wasn't booed that much.  The reaction from the crowd was surprisingly civil.  I expected a lot worse.  Also, the reaction from some of the fighters, like Masvidal, was pretty surprising too.  

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  • 1 month ago

    You failed to mention he got plenty of claps at UFC, even the biased media reported the applause for Trump. Fake Post!

  • Dze
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    sure it is .. theyre the type that does nothing but watch tv, likes to watch boys in their underwear wrestling around, and live solely to impress somebody because theyre 'so tough' in their little soy empowered world .. yeah .. one .22 round to the forehead and those tough guys get their ticket 'punched' ..

    • simple: 62 million voted for Trump, 65 million for Traitor Clinton ( she sold uranium and Ben was on her watch just to name a few). She got the California votes last, but they are 80% Democrat, the most populist state. New York, Texas, you would only need to win them for victory. Are you dumb?

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