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is Kyle Dubas the problem  for Leafs?

They keep saying Mike Babcock should be fired. I mean it won’t happen anyway because of his hefty contract, but is he really the problem, or is it GM Kyle Dubas?

The team is way way over paid. They are in cap hell before even making any playoff damage. Agents are taking advantage of the leafs young inexperienced GM. They are in huge dodo next year On Defense, as almost everyone is a FA and there’s no money to keep the players or find a decent replacement. They will rely on rookies, scrubs and cheap FA signings to fill the gaps.

Oh, and did I mention the team is SOFT as it can possibly get. They are not tough enough to win. They are not built for the playoffs. They will not win the cup as they are constructed at the time. And to make it worse, they are horrible in the season too, but I think they will fix that up eventually. Not to mention Dubas is on record are claiming his style is not to build on toughness, it’s not his style. Do there you have it folks.

They problem is not Mike Babcock. It’s General Manager Kyle Dubas. Bring back Mark Hunter?

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    I disagree that Dubas is the problem, and let me be on record I'm not a fan of the guy! You win on skill, and that is how he has built the Leafs, where he's mishandled things however is how he's handled the contract situations with the big 3. 

    You keep saying toughness, but very few teams in the league these days are "tough", the NHL is getting away from fighting/heavy hitting etc, whether or not you agree with it, that's the way it is. Teams win the cup based on skill/depth/goaltending, take a look at the Hawks/Pens/Caps etc! Also, we outhit Boston last year by a large margin and still lost, so that toughness theory your hanging onto, just blew out the window. What killed the Leafs last playoffs (and the past 3 series) is horrific penalty killing, each series it's been 60-70%! I don't care what team they face, if they can't learn to kill a penalty, they will keep getting bounced in the 1st round.

    "They will rely on rookies, scrubs and cheap FA signings to fill the gaps"- Yes this is true! However,  as long as they don't trade away picks, and they do a good job at developing them, this shouldn't be an issue. Chicago has done a beautiful job at it, they had their secondary roster overhauled every year, yet they found great replacements, and went on to win 3 cups in 8 years.

    Yes, I think the problem is Babcock! He is a very demanding guy to work for (I have inside sources with the Wings), and he is a huge ***** to work for, his aura quickly turns out his players. Now don't get me wrong, its fine to be an *******, but you better back it up with results! Look at Bowman, he was the biggest douchebag, most people hate him, BUT, he got results and thats what players care about, winning! The problem is Babcock doesn't win, not to the point where he can justify his awful personality. Its clear as day the team has tuned him out, likely well over a year ago. 

    They wont fire him because of his hefty contract? Bud don't delude yourself here! MLSE is one of the richest sports franchises in the world, if they want to fire Babcock and eat his salary, they will, and have no problems doing so. Are they at that point yet? No they aren't, and that's because Toronto is in a playoff spot (for now), however, Babs has no **** ups left, one more and hes toast. By that I mean, one huge losing streak, the Leafs missing the playoffs, and/or getting bounced in the 1st round (again), any of those outcomes will result in him gone. Also, there is an "out" in his contract after this season where either party can walk away without legal ramifications, that also needs to be taken into consideration.

    As for Dubas? His job is safe for now, but keep in mind this is HIS team, either he wins or he dies on the hill with them. I wouldn't say he's above being fired either if the leafs have a brutal season, his saving grace, is that he hasn't played the "i'll fire the coach card", Babcock whether you like or hate him, is his scapegoat.

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  • Why I don't listen to The Fan 590 or TSN1050 is this narrative by the meathead contingent.

    Babcock has been outcoached by Bruce Cassidy two years in a row in the playoffs. Period. In the time he's been in Toronto, the penalty kill has gotten worse. That's on him. The power play isn't that much better. Also on him. His usage of Matthews borders on incompetence (playing him 17 minutes in Game 7 last year; Matthews and Tavares should have been clipping 20+ minutes in that game).

    Buying Babcock out is a rounding error for this franchise.

    If Mark Hunter was so great, then not only are the Leafs dumb (your own logic) but so are the 30 other teams; none of whom have contacted or hired him (presumably if he were this great you'd have teams beating a path to London...but they're not). Hunter worked on the 2015-2017 drafts. Marner was a home run but his current deal is an overpay but when you have people carrying water for Marner's dad all summer...this is what you get (Darren Dreger is still mad that his cousin Dave Nonis was fired back in April of 2015 as GM; funny how Dreger no longer has any scoops on the team and has taken a decidedly negative tone towards the club since) Matthews was a no-brainer. The jury is still out on Liljegren. The rest of the picks are too far away.

    Then again Lou and his onion belt didn't do any favours. Yes- the Kadri contract was great, but 7 years for Zaitsev was beyond stupid.

    They haven't been good this year. They were awful over the last 40 minutes against Philly on Saturday and have been bad at times. "Some" of that is on their brutal October schedule with the ton of back-to-back games, but the fact is that this team has been terrible at the start of games. Doesn't help that Dermott and Hyman are both out (along with Tavares) but a good chunk of that's on Babcock for not having the team better prepared.

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    babcok is an idiot and is definitely the problem

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