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Is Israel basically the 4th Reich?

Just look at how they treat the Palestinians... Are the Jews any different than the NAZIS doing what the NAZIS supposedly did to them while the world looks the other way because these Khazars invading Palestine are supposedly "God's Chosen People"? How could anyone not support Palestine? These people are innocent Christians and Muslims who are living in an illegal Jewish Supremacist Apartheid State led by the worst war criminals and murderous Zionists on the planet...

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    You said it All, these bunch of criminals are "ZIONAZIS", Jews started to be discriminated after "Hovevei Zion" milicias started to spread their venom and infiltrate the Jewish religion.

    "YES" my friend, the struggle for Jews against Zionism is even more difficult than the Palestinian oppression by the Apartheid state of Israel.

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    British restrictions.4 The Arab reaction to the influx of Jews into Palestine and to .... 8 On the general nature of Israeli politics and society, see Bernard Reich, Israel: .... early immigrants laid the foundations for an essentially European culture in.

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    Israel treats the Palestinians fairly!!!! The government  of Palestine has a had a decades long terrorist campaign against Jews,Israelis and their Zionist allies.

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    Jews are not the ones carrying flags with swass-stickers on them. Palestinians are! 

    Palestinians are a fake people, with a fake ideology and a fake country. Actually Palestinians don't officially have a country since they don't recognize Israel as a state and cannot agree to any land negotiations, land swaps, borders etc.

    Jews are just trying to defend themselves from the real nazis. 

    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) flag shows you what Palestinians really want. All the land around Israel or Palsetine is Middle East. Palestinians don't care about the land, they just want to kill and ethnically cleanse Jews from having their homeland. Palestinians are Arabs they can live all over the middle east  but instead they choose to make war with the Jews.

    Palestinians or Arabs never cared about the land all of history they had on the land neither before when they first moved in or when the Jews created Israel. The crusades had nothing to do with Arab nationalism but Islam so that doesn't count. They didn't make a country or even want Israel to be created. They just wanted the land to be forgotten and controlled by Muslims. It used to be Jordan. Why all of a sudden must they make the map of Israel a Palestinian country hmmm? 

    What is so special about Israel that they must have it so badly? Yes it is the holiest land for Jews and sure there is a mosque in the Middle of Jerusalem which no one has destroyed and allowed pilgrims to visit. Do they want it because they really want it or because they don't want the Jews to have it? Stare at the picture below for 1 minute.  

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    Another day, another time, an anti Israel crank trots out the "they are Nazis!!!" analogy.

    Also, I see Holocaust denial was thrown in via the word "supposedly" which is contradictory.

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    No, because is Israel Germany? No? Then how can it be the Fourth Reich when that term, even "reich" being a German term and not a Hebrew or even Yiddish term, specifically refers to a rise of neo-Nazism to power in Germany? Israel isn't the Fourth Reich, not even basically. It's Zion. Israel is Zionist.

  • Anonymous
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    If you can't tell the difference, then you're just being willfully stupid.

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