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If fire and electricity were discovered not invented, does that mean rope was invented?

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    Yes, of course. When was the last time you saw natural rope growing anywhere?

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    Why don't I hang you and we can find out?

    Source(s): Hell. Tell the demons in hell what you've discovered.
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    Fire was discovered. Electricity was discovered, but then new ways of utilizing it were invented. Does it matter? What's the point?

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    "does that mean" - no. no cause and effect as you present things; but yes, rope was invented.

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    Rope is a manufactured item, one that (from the typical human perspective) does not exist in nature.

    Fire and electricity exist in nature. Man has learned how to produce them (at will, so to speak), but they are still natural phenomena - for example, the natural RESULT of striking a match, the natural RESULT of applying a spark to butane, etc.

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    Man discovered vines twisting around each other and use that for the first rope. He probably added other vines to strengthen it. At some point he just took material and wove the rope himself. It slowly evolved. I doubt that one man invented it.

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    1 year ago

    Rope was discovered when early man came across the rope bush. Later varieties were found producing the polypropylene and polyethylene ropes used today.

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    have you ever seen vines twisting around each other? I have

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    Yes.  Fire and electricity (and oxygen and quinine and lemurs and the planet Mars) were discovered, not invented, because they already existed in the natural world.  Rope doesn't.  Someone had to MAKE the first rope, so it's an invention, not a discovery.

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