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Why most people dont accept criticism of the Jews?

Jews do run Hollywood. Why most ppl dont believe it?

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    Criticism of Judaism refers to criticism of Jewish religious doctrines, texts, laws, and practices. ... Most branches of Judaism consider Jews to be the "chosen people" in the sense that they have special role to .... the Qur'an mentions the incident of worshiping of the calf, argues that Jews do not believe in part of the revelation ...

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    Tell us big names more than Steven Spielberg in Hollywood who are Jew.. Maybe Oliver Stone, or Coens. But all big actors, MOST big producers, MOST CEOs, are gentiles. Disney is not Jew. Scorses, Nolan, Tarantino all are gentiles. And go on....

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    I just want them to shower more often.

    To me, that's #1.

  • Kevin7
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    1 month ago

    Jews do not solely control Hollywood,Jews are open to fair criticism

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    Honestly, criticism is taken a lot better than you realize.

    The problem is that a lot of "criticism" is thinly-disguised anti-Semitism. While there are those whose response is based on a perception of anti-Semitism rather than recognizing true criticism, looking at a lot of facts and the basis for many people's stance it becomes clear that their motivations are hateful rather than critical. 

    I'll agree that Jews are overrepresented in Hollywood. Historically, it was one area where Jews had a fighting chance for advancement (not all fields offered such opportunities in earlier days) and honestly Jews were vital in building it up. There are reasons many Jews gravitated there. However, that shouldn't discount the fact that many of the Jews there got their positions on their own merit and ability, and not their Jewishness as a lot of people allege. That actually has little weight in Hollywood, especially today. One thing to note is that while there are a lot of Jews, Jewish interests do NOT drive the Hollywood narrative. As a proud Jew, I know how different Hollywood would appear if it were so driven by Jewish interests and not those that seek profits or, more recently, general left-leaning American cultural clout. 

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    I know they run Hollywood. I was watching a Hollywood film with a friend of mine, and the first thing that popped up in the opening was the name of the film's Jewish director (Rob Cohen in the film xXx 2002). The whole thing was filled with sex, guns, and violence but I still watched it... There's not a single Hollywood blockbuster that wasn't created by the Khazars who run Hollywood. It's sad to see that they make such filthy films, and somehow we're so mesmerised that we watch them... It's pretty much ALL brainwashing. I tend not to watch ANY Hollywood made films, but sometimes it's hard not to since Hollywood is so big. Unfortunately, Jews control our media, our banks, our films, our music, and everything else we're exposed to on a daily basis. That's how the Zionists control us, brainwash us, and dumb us down so we can't think on our own. They love the sex and pornography of Hollywood because everything they do is for Satan.... Most of us are all guilty of watching their films, but we have to remember what they're doing to us with these types of horrific media. We need to boycott it whenever we can, and not buy into it!!!

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    I always liked very few movies from Hollywood very few ones Hollywood for the most part is trash anyway

    I don't know about USA but here where I live people constantly criticize Zionist atrocities towards Palestinians 

    Americans are known to be conservative redneck fools

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      Contributor Sofia wrote: "Zionist atrocities towards Palestinians": For her falsehood she insults the reader's intelligence by typically-providing: No detail, no objective-sources; zero evidence.

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    Arabs run Shawarma business. So What?Arabs invented Shawarma. 

    And Jews invented the Hollywood.

    Why Arabs don't believe it?

  • BMCR
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    Another day, another time an antisemite claims his antisemitism is "mere criticism".

    Its dishonest, if nothing else.

    While of the subject, assuming, for argument's sake, that "Jews run Hollywood", what exactly is wrong with that?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    people dont believe what they dont want to hear. that is why religion still exists. some people dont want to hear the truth.

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